My Story...

My name is Ramona and I am too young for what happened to me...

I still have too much to do and YOU can help me do it!

Help me make the CHANGE!

I was born in Tirgu-Jiu, Romania, graduated the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) and succeeded in making a career as an economist. In short, my life was great! I had a good career which I loved, I was always surrounded by supportive friends and family and I had the whole life ahead of me so I could do much more. A few years back I went home to Tirgu-Jiu, in order to spend Easter with my family, as I used to do every year. On Sunday, the first Easter day, we had decided to go to Tismana, a beautiful monastery close to town, in order to pray and light some candles. We have never arrived to the monastery as a tragic accident cut our trip too short. All of my dreams and future plans, the happy life I’ve had until then took a very wrong turn in just a blink of an eye. There are good and bad times in life but when everything collapses , when fear, despair and sorrow replace your happy memories it is incredibly hard to pull yourself up from the ground. The cruelest part of it all was that I could FEEL or MOVE NOTHING . Nothing….SCI level C4-C5..TOO cruel.. Every day since the accident, my life has been split between recovery treatments, both at home or in hospitals and sanatoriums all across Romania. I succeeded in recovering part of my arms and getting a little sitting balance. I started from not being able to move anything but my eyes and made great progress so far..There are still a lot of good thing to come. To reach them I will be needing you.

After I have tried all the treatments in almost every clinic in Romania, I’ve started looking for therapies and clinics abroad. That’s when I have discovered many clinics that were able to once again plant a seed of hope in my heart and put a smile back on my face. But a treatment in one of these private clinics is above and beyond the financial capabilities of my family.

I work at home with therapists 8 hours a day. It’s hard . It’s a every single day must. I can’t risk losing a day of work, it would pull me back from progress..

But now, after all the effort we made, I find myself in position of not being able to continue the recovery as everything is extremely expensive in such cases.. I strongly believe that one day I could enjoy life again; I could walk, eat and get dressed all by myself. I find it very difficult to stretch out my hand and ask for help as I used to work hard and pay for everything I needed. Humility is just another lesson I’ve had to learn along this way..

ANY help is a step forward to make my dream come true: to be able to stand up from my wheelchair where I am now confined and from my bed where I can barely move without help.

I would like to express my greatest appreciation and give my sincerest thanks to my sister, Iulia and my parents who have never left my side since the accident. They have dedicated their lives to help me get back on my feet.

I have discovered true friends as well as perfect strangers willing to help..Who did, and got me so far. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who’s been and will be there for me! RAMONA

Ciobanu Ramona Elena
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